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  • Tragedy or farce? Xenophobic violence against foreign nationals and other “outsiders” in post-apartheid South Africa

    Prepared by Emma Monama and Loren B. Landau, this brief talks about the xenophobic violence against foreign nationals and other “outsiders” in post-apartheid South Africa.

  • Protection from Xenophobia

    Written by: Jean Pierre Misago,Iriann Freemantle & Loren B. Landau this evaluation reviews the attempts of a UNHCR office to protect refugees and asylum-seekers from violent and recurring xenophobic attacks in a country that has a long history of “othering” within its society. It does more than just measure the impact and efficacy of four programmes implemented to mitigate xenophobia in South Africa.

  • Promoting social cohesion and countering violence against foreigners and other ‘outsiders’

    Written by Tamlyn Monson, Kathryn Takabvirwa, Jessica Anderson, Tara Polzer Ngwato and Iriann Freemantle, the report aims to identify and draw lessons from the strengths and weaknesses of institutions and interventions whose goals relate to building social cohesion in diverse, poor urban areas of South Africa

  • Xenophobia: Violence against Foreign Nationals and other Outsiders in Contemporary South Africa

    Prepared by Tara Polza , this brief summarises state of the art research and is intended to inform discussions and debates surrounding human mobility in Southern Africa.

  • May 2008 Violence Against Foreign Nationals in South Africa

    Written by Jean Pierre Misago, Tamlyn Monson, Tara Polzer and Loren Landau this article contains empirical research in relation to the violence almost immediately, and has sought to illuminate different aspects of the violence – from identifying underlying causes and triggers to evaluating protection, humanitarian and justice interventions and responses during and after the crisis. This report brings together the outcomes of these various research endeavors to provide a comprehensive, easily accessible reference point about what has come to be called South Africa’s ‘xenophobic attacks.’

  • Violence, Labour and the Displacement of Zimbabweans in De Doorns, Western Cape

    Written by Jean Pierre Misago, This policy brief provides a summarized analysis of causal factors, police responses and solutions adopted and/or proposed in relation to this violence. 1 For assessments of the humanitarian support provided to the displaced. .2 Our research suggests that many current analyses miss critical causal factors behind the violence and that proposed responses and solutions may be neither appropriate nor durable. Beyond helping to find immediate solutions, this report suggests that the De Doorns violence has broader significance in terms of national patterns of violence against foreign nationals.