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  • SABC Discussion on South African Proposed Immigration White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection

    The Ministry of Home Affairs has released a new draft bill which will affect foreigners residing in South Africa, known as the White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection from the previous year. In this bill, the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, stated that the government is amending the existing law regulating…

  • Prof Loren Landau weighs in on Rwanda Bill Vote

    British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing a major rebellion in his party over flagship immigration legislation to speed up the deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda. Professor Loren Landau joined SABC News to weigh in on the Rwanda Bill Vote. Listen more here:

  • Health Department urged to act on allegations of health xenophobia by operation Dudula

    Prof. Jo Vearey – Director of the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS)  weighs in on allegations against Operation Dudula movement accused of targeting foreign nationals receiving medical attention at Jeppe Clinic in Johannesburg. Civil society organisations have called on the government to act on the alleged discrimination.  Listen here to her discussion with…

  • Immigration Debate | SA reaping the fruits of misrule

    Prof Loren Landau joins eNCA news anchor to discuss his Opinion piece co- authored with Dr. Jean Pierre Misago –  ‘Rising vigilantism: South Africa is reaping the fruits of misrule‘ which suggest that anti-immigrant groups have become reference points for national debate. Watch the discussion here:

  • What’s behind the rise of vigilantism in South Africa?

    Prof. Loren Landau explores what’s behind the rise of vigilantism in South Africa on @Newzroom405. His core message is that what we are witnessing is gangster governance not immigration.

  • Tackling xenophobic discrimination in South Africa

    Dr Jean Pierre Misago speaks to France 24 about tackling xenophobic discrimination in South Africa in reaction to the recently published report on xenophobia in South Africa by Human Rights Watch.