Xenowatch is a platform that monitors all forms of xenophobic discrimination across South Africa.

What is Xenowatch?

Developed by the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) at the University of Witwatersrand, Xenowatch is an open source system for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping that allows crowdsourcing of information and data on xenophobic discrimination incidents in South Africa using the following reporting methods: Email, WhatsApp and Call. Xenowatch tracks, verifies, records and analyzes all forms of xenophobic discrimination as well as responses or interventions by all relevant stakeholders including government and civil society. It serves as an early warning system that notifies authorities and civil society about threats and violence and calls for immediate and appropriate response. Xenowatch data is analyzed to identify violence causal factors and characteristics of communities at risk in ways that can inform early warning and more effective conflict prevention/resolution interventions.

How to report?

ACMS has developed audios in English and IsiZulu with details on how to report incidents of xenophobic discrimination. You can listen here:



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Featured Project:

The Mobility Governance Lab (MGL) explores the governance of mobility at multiple scales across the global south. It is an autonomous, critical space working to realise principles of innovation, independence, and equitable partnership.

Reports & Publications

‘Running Them Out of Time:’ Xenophobia, Violence, and Co-Authoring Spatiotemporal Exclusion in South Africa

Research into ‘xenophobic’ exclusion across South Africa suggests recalibrating research along two spatial and temporal dimensions.

Panel Discussion: The Implications of Xenophobic Violence for Trade & Transformation

Wits University’s African Centre for Migration & Society and the Wits-Oxford Mobility Governance Lab held a hybrid panel discussion reflecting on the meaning and implications of xenophobic violence for South Africa’s economic and political future.

Health Department urged to act on allegations of health xenophobia by operation Dudula

Prof. Jo Vearey – Director of the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS)  weighs in on allegations against Operation Dudula movement accused of targeting foreign nationals receiving medical attention at Jeppe Clinic in Johannesburg. Civil society organisations have called on the government to act on the alleged discrimination.  Listen here to her discussion with…