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Tactical Cosmopolitanism and Idioms of Belonging: Insertion and Self-Exclusion in Johannesburg

Loren B. Landau & Iriann Freemantle discusses research amongst immigrant groups in Johannesburg points to the emergence of distinctive ways of negotiating inclusion and belonging that transcend ethnic, national or transnational paradigms. Confronted with new South African nationalism, a restrictive immigration regime and xenophobia, immigrants have reacted with what we term tactical cosmopolitanism’ to negotiate partial inclusion in South Africa’s transforming society without becoming bounded by it. This paper contributes to the emerging literature on cosmopolitanism ‘from below’, conceptualized not as a philosophy but as a practice and form of experiential culture.

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Loving the Alien? Citizenship, Law and the Future in South Africa’s Demonic Society

Written by Loren B. Landau, this article makes sense of the violence with reference to an extended history of South African statecraft that both induced the conflict and hamstrung efforts to address it. In particular,
it describes how decades of discursive and institutional efforts to control political and physical space have generated two demons with which the country must now contend.

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