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  • Africa’s urban migration crisis

    Professor Loren Landau talks to CNBC Africa about the United Nation’s declaration on non-migration and the more recent urban development agenda.

  • Migration Experts Series | Loren Landau

    Professor Loren Landau, the South African research chair on mobility and the politics of difference at the African Centre for Migration and Society of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg in South Africa discusses his recent research into urban “estuaries” and “archipelagos.”

  • Loren Landau discusses migrant crisis

    Professor Loren Landau discusses the migrant crisis on SABC

  • The migration crisis in Europe: Prof Loren Landau

    Professor Loren Landau, the South Africa Research Chair in Mobility and the Politics of Difference talks to SABC about the migration crisis in Europe