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  • Migration Studies and Migration to African Cities

    In this Imiscoe Podcast episode, Silindile Mlilo, project manager of Xenowatch, interviews Loren Landau about his latest research on African cities. Loren talks about how patterns of migration to cities in Africa are distinct from urbanization in other parts of the world. Loren has been researching space regulation and how migrants interact with cities, as…

  • Why is xenophobia so entrenched in South Africa?

    Professor Loren Landau and Silindile Mlilo participated in the Borders and Belonging Podcast hosted by Maggie Perzyna, a researcher with the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration programme at Toronto Metropolitan University, together with Trevor Ngwane. In this episode, the speakers unpack what continues to fuel xenophobia in post-apartheid South Africa. Listen to…

  • South Africa Plans To Deport Thousands Back To Zimbabwe

    On Tuesday (11 April 2023), a court in South Africa began hearing arguments that could impact the status of 160,000 people from neighbouring Zimbabwe who live in the country. This follows an announcement last year by South Africa that the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits scheme would not be renewed after June. ACMS’s Professor LB Landau spoke…

  • Context to attacks on truck drivers

    Professor Loren Landau speaks to Bongani Bingwa of 702 on the challenge of truck driver attacks in South Africa.

  • Channel AFrica – Cape Town Refugee Crisis

    Professor Jo Vearey joins a panel of experts to discuss the refugee crisis in Cape Town on Channel Africa

  • 702: Refugee Crisis in Cape Town

    Professor Loren Landau in conversation with Aubrey Masango on the refugee crisis in Cape Town