From 14-17 November 2009, De Doorns, a farming area in Breede Valley Municipality, Western Cape
Province, was the scene of violence that resulted in the forceful displacement of an estimated 3000 Zimbabweans and the destruction and looting of their dwellings by their South African neighbours. This policy brief provides a summarised analysis of causal factors, police responses and solutions adopted and/or proposed in relation to this violence. 1 For assessments of the humanitarian support provided to the displaced, see regular situation reports by UNHCR and CoRMSA.2 Our research suggests that many current analyses miss critical causal factors behind the violence and that proposed responses and solutions may be neither appropriate nor durable. Beyond helping to find immediate solutions, this report suggests that the De Doorns violence has broader significance in terms of national patterns of violence against foreign nationals

Tittle: Violence, Labour and the Displacement of Zimbabweans in De Doorns, Western Cape

Author:  Jean Pierre Misago