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Linking Governance and Xenophobic Violence in Contemporary South Africa

Written by Jean Pierre Misago the article argues that governance is a key determinant of xenophobic violence in South Africa and of collective violence generally.


Political Mobilisation as the Trigger of Xenophobic Violence in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Written by, Jean Pierre Misago in this article he discusses : What triggers xenophobic violence in South Africa? By answering this deceivingly simple but critical question, this paper high -lights an often-missed empirical factor and key element in the xenophobic violence causal chain: mobilization.


[Re]-presenting knowledge: The coverage of xenophobia research in selected South African newspapers, 2008 -2013

Written by Kudakwashe Paul Vanyoro, Lyton Ncube, this article explores the [re]-presentation of xenophobia research findings in two popular South African newspapers: the Mail & Guardian and the Sowetan from 2008 to 2013


Politics by Other Means? The Political Economy of Xenophobic Violence in Post- Apartheid South Africa

Written by Jean Pierre Misago, the article discusses xenophobic violence in post-apartheid South Africa and that it has become a longstanding feature in post-apartheid South Africa.


Local Politics of Xenophobia

Written by Caitlin Blaser Mapitsa this article explores how xenophobia is being produced by local governance processes and structures.


Responding to Xenophobic Violence in Post -Apartheid South Africa: Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Written by Jean Pierre Misago, this paper highlights the general failure to effectively respond to and prevent xenophobic violence in South Africa and offers critical reflections on reasons thereof.

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