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  • The Protests Are Bigger Than Zuma

    “While the #FreeJacobZuma campaign is the catalyst, the underlying reason is one that the country has not dealt with in its 27 years of democracy: the failure of the African National Congress to take responsibility for the past pain and trauma that the citizens have experienced, and to create an economy that delivers on the promise of equitable economic sovereignty for all South Africans.” Hakima Haithar

  • Tackling xenophobic discrimination in South Africa

    Dr Jean Pierre Misago speaks to France 24 about tackling xenophobic discrimination in South Africa in reaction to the recently published report on xenophobia in South Africa by Human Rights Watch.

  • Context to attacks on truck drivers

    Professor Loren Landau speaks to Bongani Bingwa of 702 on the challenge of truck driver attacks in South Africa.

  • Laying SA’s woes at the feet of foreign nationals

    “While foreign nationals are scapegoated for a variety of issues that are wrong in the country, xenophobic violence has a lasting impact on all South Africas, often leading to anti-democratic township governance” writes Professor Loren landau.

  • Xenophobia in South Africa

    Dr. Jean Pierre Misago spoke to TRT World about xenophobia in South Africa.

  • Channel AFrica – Cape Town Refugee Crisis

    Professor Jo Vearey joins a panel of experts to discuss the refugee crisis in Cape Town on Channel Africa